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The variety of free time and cultural activities in Potsdam is unlimited.
These are some of our recommendations:


- Routes and sightseeing tours

The routes and sightseeing tours offered by Alter Fritz (“Old Fritz”, in allusion to Frederik II or Frederik the Great) are the best high quality product you can find in Potsdam. Tours start at Potsdam Central Station (Potsdam Hauptbahnhof), with three daily departures (at 10:30 A.M., 11:15 A.M. and 2:15 P.M.). For the tours at 10:30 A.M. and 11:15 A.M. it is also possible to book (except on Mondays) the ticket for Sanssouci Palace and visit the palace after the tour.
More information available at

Another option is the Potsdam City Tour: you can embark or disembark (Hop-on and -off) these classic sightseeing buses at your own pace at 8 convenient landmarks throughout the city of Potsdam. The tour starts at Potsdam Central Station (Potsdam Hauptbahnhof) every 30 minutes.
More information available online at  hop on hop off.


- Boat tours

Boat tours offered by the Weißen Flotte Company -with daily departures- offer the possibility to discover the lakes and green of the city of Potsdam and its surroundings. More information available online at


- Bike tours

Potsdam is the right place to go biking and the Ambassador Hotel becomes the perfect starting point for any bike trip.
After crossing Park Babelsberg and the Glienicke Bridge (also referred to as the Bridge of Spies) you reach the New Garden (Neuer Garten) and the Russian Colony (Alexandrowka). After visiting both places you can take a route –going around Park Sanssouci- that takes you to downtown Potsdam. It is easy to go back to Babelsberg from downtown Potsdam; you will just have to cross any of those bridges: the Humboldt Bridge (Humboldtbrücke) or the Long Bridge (Lange Brücke).
Rental bikes are available on-site, including maps and picnic baskets.


- Babelsberg Film Studio

Some tourists come to Babelsberg only and exclusively for visiting its film studio, and this has an explanation: nowadays the Babelsberg Film Studio has recovered its glory. Indeed, in the old days this studio was known as the European Hollywood. Its exhibitions and museums collect its history from the very beginning (the times of the UFA, a film company that was home of the German film industry during the Weimer Republic and through World War II) to the recent American German productions (The Pianist, Inglorious Basterds, The Reader, Cloud Atlas, and more). In addition, the Babelsberg Film Studio is a very interesting place that applies to people of all ages, including very interesting features and activities: among them we can stand out a 4D stunt show and an authentic Western town. More information available at


- The parks and palaces of Potsdam

Sanssouci Park and the city of Potsdam are extremely connected and have actually become inseparable concepts. But Potsdam offers more than Sanssouci Park. Thus, discovering all its corners, even the quietest ones, is absolutely worth it. Cecilienhof (where the Potsdam Conference was held), the Marble Palace (Marmorpalais), the Glienicke Palace, the historic villa Schöningen as well as the Orangerie and the Roman Baths (both contained in the park) are waiting for your visit! More information available at


- Potsdam botanical garden

Large military fields were used to host the BUGA (the biannual Federal horticulture show in Germany) that took place in Potsdam in 2001. Thus, the place where the Russian soldiers used to train has become a sports center and amusement park that contains the so-called Biosphäre Potsdam also. The Biosphäre Potsdam is an indoor tropical botanical garden that invites you to stop and study the beauty of tropical plants and wildlife. More information at


- Minigolf

In addition, you can play different sports at Volkspark Potsdam (Buga-Park), including skating, beach volleyball, frisbee-golf and minigolf. More information is available at


- The Potsdam Museum

Potsdam itself is a museum. Besides, the city of Potsdam has its own museum, which collects all those aspects relating to the history of the city. In addition, temporary exhibitions are common at the Potsdam Museum.